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For Pierre Reverdy (New York Review Books, 2013)

The following erroneous statement appears in the preface (p. xiv): "His lifelong affection for Chanel (despite her collaborationist activities during WWII) would nonetheless be memorialized by the epitaph he wrote for her tomb—which ends, "Before heading toward / The dark road's end / If condemned / If pardoned / Know you are loved."

This formulation was based on the concluding sentence of the epilogue in Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel's Secret War by Hal Vaughan (Knopf, 2012, p. 222): "Before he died at seventy in 1960...Reverdy blessed Chanel in poetry. This determined and dedicated resistance fighter...willed Chanel a final epitaph." His footnote to this sentence on p. 249 reads: "Reverdy poem reprinted in Edmonde Charles-Roux, L'Irrégulière."

However, in fact, as Edmonde Charles-Roux clearly says in L'Irrégulière ou mon itinéraire Chanel (Paris: Editions Grasset, & Fasquelle, 1974, pp. 583-584), the text quoted was simply inscribed in the edition of his collection of poems, Main d'oeuvre, given to Chanel in 1949 by Reverdy, and was in no sense an epitaph. In all future printings of this book, the entire sentence will be excised. M.A.C., September 9, 2013

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